Muhd Fadillah , Singapore , M-Hotel (Team Leader) Says:

"My study at ASK has been MUCH BETETR than expected, not only was it highly relevant to my current work and is great value for money.

At ASK, the lecturers frequently brought us out on field trips, these field trips were very useful in increasing my knowledge of the different products and the operation of the hotels. As part of my course, ASK arranged for me to undergo an industrial attachment at M-hotel. I performed so well, that I was offered a permanent job and a promotion after my industrial attachment. All these are a testament of the quality of ASK programmes.

As a team leader, I found the module on leadership and management which I studied at ASK to be most applicable in my job. I was able to manage my staff effectively and interact well with customers. I strongly recommend studying at ASK. This is because I'm a success story and I'm certain they can equip you to become a success too!"

Iris Tay, Singapore, Tanah Merah Country Club (Team Leader) Says:

 "When I enrolled at ASK,, I was worried that I could not cope with my studies but ASK's lecturers were friendly, motivating and encouraging. I soon grew to enjoy every lesson.

I gained knowledge on how to successfully organise functions and to recognise the different kind of liquors. All these enabled me to perform better in my job. I am so happy I chose to study at ASK!"

Alona Mercado Guevarra , Philipines, Class of 2005      

"The lecturers are helpful, understanding, fun, friendly and creative in their teaching. I believe that the genuine care and helpful attitude of ASK's lecturers and together with the quality of teaching at ASK can't be found elsewhere.

The quality of ASK's programmes can be seen; after my studies, I got an job as a Supervisor in a restaurant and obtained a 'S' Pass."

Pham Ngoc Thao, Vietnam, Class of 2005                      

"ASK has equipped me well. Just 2 months into my attachment, I've received 3 compliment letters from guests.

Liao Xia, PRC, Class of 2004

The Skills and Knowledge I acquired at ASK helped me a lot in my attachment at the Holiday Inn Parkview.  I exceeded guests' expectations and received a compliment letter.  When I went back to China, I have many offers from 5-stars International Hotels,  I chose to work with Hotel Inter-continental. 

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