English for Foreigners  




The English Language is fast gaining importance in the academic and business world. Knowledge and mastery of the English Language is a must for students who wish to further their studies in Singapore, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc.  These countries the students must obtain a certain standard of English proficiency in order to be admitted into their chosen academic programme. 


ASK School of Management has the following English language programmes that will be gearing students towards the IELTS. 


  • Elementary 1 (Duration: 48 hours)
  • Elementary 2 (Duration: 48 hours)
  • Intermediate 1 (Duration: 48 hours)
  • Intermediate 2 (Duration: 48 hours)
Students will be required to seat for placement test to determine their standard of English. This will ensure that the students be placed in a level which best suits their ability and to allow the students to be propelled faster in her mastery of the English language.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at ASK School of Management!


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